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Medical profession and hypnotherapy

At last the medical profession has finally woken up to how hypnotherapy can help their patients in so many ways. Only last week someone contacted me to help ease her anxiety problems. Her GP recommended seeing me as I helped one of her patients with a similar problem a few months ago and was amazed at the difference it made. Of course it is not magic and I would advise anyone contemplating hypnotherapy who are on a drugs program via their doctor, to run it past their doctor first. Not that hypnotherapy can harm you in anyway. It is just good practice to do so.
Yesterday I had a call from someone who was advised to see me as she had an addiction to food brought on from the drugs she was taking for a on going neurological problem. The neurologist told her the side effects of the drugs she was on sometimes brings on addictions to certain everyday things including food and advised seeing a hypnotherapist.
Over the years I have found the medical profession are realizing the power of hypnotherapy . Some of it cannot be explained but it works.
Modern medicine has only been around for a very short time in history, and it is absolutely fantastic in what it can do. Hypnotherapy on the other hand has been around in different forms for thousands of years and was brushed to the side when modern medicine came in.
Hypnotherapy cannot mend a broken limb but together as a helping hand they can work together on many issues when it comes to stress, anxiety, addictions, controlling pain, plus many more.
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